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Here I go again on my own

Quick re-cap, I blogged with a fab group of women for about a year over at imperfectlybalanced.com, and while we figure out what direction we wish to move, I’m back here, dribbling nonsense out the ends of my fingers, hoping to still find an audience.

A re-introduction to myself.  I’m a single mom to a teen-aged daughter.  I’m a do-gooder with a potty mouth.  A self-proclaimed domestic Goddess.  Often described as abrasive but likable and I think I’m hilarious.  My mind goes a mile a minute, and I often speak, tweet, Facebook, blog and text before I think at all.  Not Instagram though.  That requires a ton of thought, retakes and filters.

I’ve recently become a Team Beachbody Coach which excites me to NO END.  Needed to kick my generous, but well-shaped ass into gear for my 35th (oh god) birthday, so I’m striving to lose 35 by my 35th.

In these pages you’ll find random ramblings, rantings, recipes, trials and tribulations of an estrogen only household (a boat load of alliteration), how to deal with different dietary needs (she doesn’t eat meat, I devour it still mooing) and what it’s like to date while your child dates, because let me tell you IT’S REALLY, REALLY WEIRD.

If you have any questions about BeachBody, fire away!  If you’d like to collaborate on a blog post, suggest content, share the content, make people read me because I’m hilarious, please, please do.




I’ve always wanted to do a duet with Urethra Franklin

The warehouse here has 30ft ceilings, the building shakes from the large trucks hustling down Route 90 and the sounds of the bustling traffic nears a dull roar at times. He was 20 feet away (I measured after the fact for the sake of accuracy) and behind a closed door yet with all that chaos I COULD STILL HEAR HIM PEE.

Self Explanatory

Now I know this is way too much TMI, but I as I sat here in awe, giggling to myself a few things crossed my mind.

  1. What a race horse
  2. His mother should have taught him not to hold it so long
  3. I am not going to be able to make eye contact when he emerges. Hell no.
  4. Did it splash back?
  5. How far back did he have to stand to prevent splash back?
  6. Was there trial and error involved?
  7. How accurate is his aim?
  8. If it’s that loud to me, is it deafening to him?
  9. Does he take pride in his own personal Niagra Falls?
  10. What in the hell is the MATTER with me?

Now don’t get all judgmental on me, had you heard it you’d have thought the SAME DAMN THING. And remember, if you shake it more than twice you’re playing with it.

On the lighter side, I also heard him turn the water on and wash his hands, so mama didn’t fail him too horribly.

**I’m afraid to tag this blog, I can’t imagine how it will turn up in searches.

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Shelley Cook (9/338)

Reason 9/338 – Why I love Winnipeg!

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and help them become what they are capable of being.

I’ve posted 8 different blogs now about the why Winnipeg is great, but behind the why there is always the who. Enter Shelley Cook.

Shelley started, runs and continues to maintain the Missing Manitoba Women website, bringing desperate attention to the plight of many at risk women, men and children in our communities.

Because of Shelley’s efforts many women have been found and re-acquainted with their loved ones.  She is often the only flicker of light in a grim situation, but it is amazing how much light just one lone candle makes in a darkened room.

You can follow them on twitter at @MissingManitoba keep up-to-date on facebook and help Shelley ensure that gone does not mean forgotten.

Yeah. I love Winnipeg because of people like Shelley.

If Weird Al had waited

My Internet use comes and goes in waves.  I fluctuate between being fully immersed in the world wide web, conversing mainly with pixel people, and ignoring it entirely.  Now, I’m not a hermit by any stretch of the imagination, all my face to face friends become pixelated from time to time, but they are real.

My newest fascination is twitter.  While I’ve flooded your screens with 951 tweets to date, I still don’t fully understand the concept.  I just do a lot of typing out loud, and it suits my purpose for now.

Remember weird al?  Of course you do.  If not, here’s a quick refresher:

Boredom has led me to try my hand at parody.  Below, is my take on Beat it, combined with my new Internet love.

myspace, facebook they just won’t suffice
We need to get our point across and be concise
We need to give one hundred forty letter advice
So tweet it, just tweet it

Celebrities, they’re all doing it too
you follow them and hope that they will notice you
hoping someone finally sees your point of view
So tweet it, you just wanna be heard

So tweet it, just tweet it
We all want to be retweeted
showin how clever, and quick you can be
Your followers, of course they agree
So tweet it, tweet it
So tweet it, tweet it
So tweet it, tweet it
So tweet it, tweet it