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Real Woman

So, I’ve had enough. I’m so tired of hearing about how ‘real women’ look.  As if ‘real women’ is the end all be all to what beautiful is.  The straw that broke this camel’s back was this:

Is cheerleader too chunky?

Now, I’ve seen this posted ad nauseum across the internet.  Facebook pages, blog sites, twitter etc.  And time and time again comments such as,

  • “I like to see women with built  not skin an bone  that look is a turn off”
  • “Looks a hell of a lot better than a skinny girl. Don’t Forget Real men like Meat, while dogs like bones !!!!!”
  • “chunky is the new skinny”
  • “Maybe they aren’t used to seeing real women?”

Of course this is in direct contrast to the reaction to actual heavier women.  Where they are labled disgusting, and undesirable, called pigs, whales, cows.  And once again, women who are naturally extraordinarily thin who are told to ‘eat a sandwich’ or ‘try some dessert’ called sickly, gross and ‘not a real woman’.

So here’s the news flash.  Was she born with a vagina?  She’s a real woman.  That’s the only qualification necessary.  An inny.  That’s it!

Real women are tall, are short and are of average height.  They have big boobs, small boobs and no boobs.  They’ve had children, the don’t want children and they are still children themselves.

They have cellulite, stretch marks and an overbite.  Or maybe they don’t.  They have visible scars and invisible ones.  They have long hair, short hair and no hair.

They wear size 0 and size 28.  They love men.  They love women.  They’re indifferent to both.  They have unwanted hair growing in embarrassing places.   They have straight teeth, crooked teeth and no teeth at all.

They have flawless skin and they have acne.  They have pale skin, dark skin, freckled skin, mottled skin, scaly skin, marked skin and saggy skin.

They have bags under their eyes, sags in their belly and a droop in their ass.  They have toned thighs and flabby upper arms.

They have ugly toes, and manicured fingers.  They struggle with their self worth and self esteem.  All of them.   And they are all beautiful in their flaws because true beauty cannot be captured with a camera or caught in the reflection of a mirror.  It can’t be defined by People Magazine, or the red carpet in Hollywood.

Beauty is not measured by inches and pounds, it is not marked by flawless skin and perfect teeth.  It can only be measured by compassion and selflessness.  Who she is when she thinks you’re not looking is what makes her a beautiful woman.  Having a vagina is what makes her a real one.

And with that, this woman is out.