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Here I go again on my own

Quick re-cap, I blogged with a fab group of women for about a year over at imperfectlybalanced.com, and while we figure out what direction we wish to move, I’m back here, dribbling nonsense out the ends of my fingers, hoping to still find an audience.

A re-introduction to myself.  I’m a single mom to a teen-aged daughter.  I’m a do-gooder with a potty mouth.  A self-proclaimed domestic Goddess.  Often described as abrasive but likable and I think I’m hilarious.  My mind goes a mile a minute, and I often speak, tweet, Facebook, blog and text before I think at all.  Not Instagram though.  That requires a ton of thought, retakes and filters.

I’ve recently become a Team Beachbody Coach which excites me to NO END.  Needed to kick my generous, but well-shaped ass into gear for my 35th (oh god) birthday, so I’m striving to lose 35 by my 35th.

In these pages you’ll find random ramblings, rantings, recipes, trials and tribulations of an estrogen only household (a boat load of alliteration), how to deal with different dietary needs (she doesn’t eat meat, I devour it still mooing) and what it’s like to date while your child dates, because let me tell you IT’S REALLY, REALLY WEIRD.

If you have any questions about BeachBody, fire away!  If you’d like to collaborate on a blog post, suggest content, share the content, make people read me because I’m hilarious, please, please do.




Hemp, Hemp, Hurray!

Hemp day 2!

I make smoothies for breakfast occasionally, especially when I’m too lazy to make a proper meal.  I can pour it in a cup and take it to go.  Portable and handy!

Normally, I would use milk (white or chocolate) a frozen banana and a rounded TBSP of peanut butter.  Sometimes protein powder if I used white milk, but not always.

This morning, I tried something all new !  A co-worker gave me a box of unsweetened almond milk so I figured I’d give it a go!


no fuss, no muss. GIT ‘ER DONE


1 c. unsweetened almond milk**

1 scoop chocolate protein powder

1 frozen banana

2 TBSP hemp hearts (Available from Manitoba Harvest.  Go now!)


Throw in blender.  Turn it on.  DONE.

This was SO incredibly amazing.  The hemp hearts added a beautiful texture and flavour, the almond milk was silky smooth and I really do love the taste of this protein powder.

Regular rotation.

**Will be making hemp milk soon, and will post results of smoothie with substitution.

Walnuts, and chocolate and HEMP, oh my!

So I got my hands on some Hemp Hearts from Manitoba Harvest, and have decided to experiment with different ways to incorporate hemp into my daily life.  Read about the benefits of hemp here.

Last night, I played around in the kitchen and came up with a protein/trail mix type cookie, that I think could easily be tailored to your needs and also baked in a pan and made into granola bars, as well.  This was my first run at it, and I will definitely be playing around with ratios.  Regardless, they are moist and delicious.

Pardon photo quality. My camera is my blackberry, we don’t get fancy. They aren’t pretty, but they ARE tasty.


1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce

1/2-3/4 c. unpacked brown sugar

1.5 tsp vanilla extract

2 egg whites

1 c. whole wheat flour

1/4 (a little more – one scoop, 32g) c. Weider’s chocolate protein powder

1 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

3/4 tsp allspice

1.25 c. quick cooking oats

1/4 c. dark chocolate chips

1/3 c. chopped walnuts

1/3 c. hemp hearts

1/3 c. dried cranberries


  1. Preheat oven to 350ºF.  Grease (or use a baking stone or parchment paper) 2 cookie sheets.
  2. Beat applesauce, brown sugar and vanilla in a large bowl.  In another bowl, use an electric mixer to beat egg whites until they are frothy and begin to firm up.  Fold egg whites into applesauce mixture.  Combine the flour, protein powder, baking soda, salt and allspice.  Fold into egg mixture.  Stir in the oats, chocolate chips (or carob), walnuts, hemp hearts and cranberries.  Drop by heaping teaspoons on toe baking sheets
  3. Bake cookies in preheated oven until set.  About 9-10 minutes.  Remove to wire racks to cool.

This recipe yielded 35 cookies.  The following nutritional information is based on inputting the information on spark people’s recipe builder.

I thoroughly LOVE these.

 Calories 67.5
  Total Fat 1.6 g
  Saturated Fat 0.5 g
  Polyunsaturated Fat 1.2 g
  Monounsaturated Fat 0.3 g
  Cholesterol 0.0 mg
  Sodium 83.0 mg
  Potassium 24.4 mg
  Total Carbohydrate 10.9 g
  Dietary Fiber 1.1 g
  Sugars 5.7 g
  Protein 2.6 g

I wear helmets and seatbelts but that won’t help me when inevitably, a meteorite crashes into my house killing me instantly.

Notable: This post contains more coarse language than what is standard.  Do not be fooled, the blog has not been hijacked by sailors, I’ve just discovered pee in my cornflakes.  Read on!


Life is funny.  Sometimes in a side splitting, knee slapping, life fearing, holy shit I’m going to pee myself RIGHT NOW type of way, and others in the more traditional I just broke my fucking funny bone way.

Regardless of how it unfolds, there is a constant truth that plays out.  No matter how prepared you think you are, you are never ready for the curves life throws.  Never.  They don’t teach you what you really need to know, and they can’t because life is a funny bitch.

My life is so unbelievably different from a short 21 days ago that I can barely grasp my bearings, but you buckle up, get back in the saddle etc etc and you ride on.  Chin up, dust off and come back swinging.  Thrust up your middle finger, toss your hair and remind the world that your kindness is not to be mistaken for weakness.  You will in fact cut a bitch.

Taking the bull by the horns so to speak and just re-channeling energy.  Notable events:

May 27th: Air Force 10K – My first ever run.  I’m gonna shake my tail feathers in fabulous fashion.  Get fit.

June 17th: 1/2 Marathon: I’m scared to death.  My training has been nonexistent for 3 weeks.  I need to get moving or I will die.  DIE.  Like dead, and rotting.  Worm food.  So gross.

August 17th: Sky diving. Extra Elevation! 11,000 feet meaning a 45 second free fall.  holyshitwhatthehell.  Want to join me?  Either party in the drop zone bbq area or strap yourself to a virtual stranger and jump!  Let me know, it will be LIFE.CHANGING.

August 18th: Dirty Donkey 5K Mud Run and Obstacle course.  Hit shit. Get fit.  I don’t even know what to say about this except for I must be on drugs.  Their work outs are psychotic and they do these things called CHURPIES FOR FUN.  So essentially, it’s a burpee that leads to a chin up that finishes in a toe touch AND WHO DOES THAT?

Join my team! MuddFlappers!

So tell me, how do you deal with adversity, and won’t you get fit with me?  Also, I make great waffles, so we can just fuck this fitness stuff and CARB LOAD.

State of Grace

“…I read of a man who stood to speak at the funeral of a friend.
He referred to the dates on her tombstone, from the beginning to the end.
He noted that first came her date of birth, and spoke the following date with tears,
But he said what mattered most of all was the dash between those years…”

The way we live our lives creates a ripple effect, like a stone cast into a pond, and we are so often unaware of the reach our decisions have, or the impact they will make on others.

We so often take for granted our good health, our homes, our jobs and family.  We wish away the dishes, the teething, the laundry, the terrible twos, the troublesome teens without giving thought to how we are blessed with the opportunity to experience them.

Every trial, every tribulation is another opportunity to appreciate that we are alive and well enough to experience it.  Suffering of course, is a matter of perspective, but no one has ever put my life into perspective quite like Susan Niebur, or how I came to know her: @whymommy.

I don’t remember how I stumbled across her blog, or her twitter account, I just know that I am forever changed because I did.  She is a woman about my age, a mother, a friend, a blogger, a 4 time cancer survivor, a wife, an astrophysicist and perhaps one of the most exceptional people I’ve ever crossed paths with.

Since her original diagnosis, Susan has blogged her way into the hearts and lives of countless people across the globe.  Her eloquent way of expressing herself in such honest, open terms allowed people from all walks of life to identify with and rally around her.  An army of warriors championing her to defeat the disease that threatened everything she held dear.

Because of her open honest accounts of her cancer treatments, she has thrust Inflammatory Breast Cancer in to the lime light, and demanded more funds, more focus, and more research to be done.  She is a one (wo)man army that is unstoppable.  Because of Susan, women are learning that there is a breast cancer that is lethal and vicious, and comes without any lump.

Because of Susan and her blog and tireless efforts and unfathomable grace, I took notice of an irregularity in my own right breast, and with a lump the size of a golf ball in my throat, trotted off immediately to a doctor who didn’t know what IBC was, but because of my insistence, they performed a biopsy (2, actually as they botched the first).  Thankfully, it came back normal.  We don’t know what caused the discoloration in appearance, but it is now gone with nothing to remind me but an angry-looking scar.

My story had a happy ending, but it could have been different.  And had it not been for Susan and her honesty, I wouldn’t have paid it any attention.  Explaining it away as a bug bite, or reaction, or bruise, or anything other than the scary big C.  I know countless others have also yielded her advice, and I implore you all to do the same.  Know your body. Be educated and don’t take no for an answer.

To give you an indication of the impact this woman has had on virtual strangers, I point you to the @whymommy love fest. That is only part 1.  Part 2 and 3 are floating on the interweb somewhere, and I believe the submissions keep pouring in.  You can visit the @whymommy love fest on facebook, as well.

Her reach and her impact, her dash has been lived in such a way that is a shining example to everyone.  She is every inch, every ounce nothing short of exceptional.

I don’t know what the future holds for Susan, as here is an excerpt from her most recent blog post

“A conversation with my husband, shortly after arriving home this afternoon with fresh oxygen tanks, spots on my liver, fluid pushing around my lungs (likely filled with cancer, as are the tumors inside) and at least one broken vertebra that must be healed before we resume any kind of treatment. –

How did we get here? I asked my love, across the bed strewn with children’s toys, books, and an oxygen tank.”

But I do know that the future of women’s cancer is more optimistic because of her, the path for women in planetary science blazes because of her and the ripples from the stones she has cast will outreach, and out last all of us.

Susan, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for letting us into your life. Whatever is in your future, I wish you peace and grace.

For more information on Inflammatory Breast Cancer please visit some of the following links:

Inflammatory Breast Cancer Research Foundation

Canadian Cancer Society – Symptoms

Willow Breast Cancer Support

Breast Cancer Society of Canada

Discussion Boards (If you are looking for support)

If you’re a mother with cancer, you are not alone, visit this tremendous group of women just like you.  You are not alone

Mothers with Cancer

Please, share this information with your mother, sisters, aunts, neighbours, coworkers, friends, nieces and any woman you may know.  IBC is not detected by mammogram, and it is unknown to many, many women.


It is with great sadness that we mark the passing of Susan Niebur on February 6th.

Her husband Curt writes a good bye post

Rest easy, Susan.  You’ve made a difference.

Curried Carrot Soup

Another easy, have most ingredients on hand recipe.  Great for clean eating, and can be vegan depending on the type of broth you use.

The flavours are amazing together, and it makes a great launching point to add chicken or other veggies for a more hearty meal.


1 3/4 c. broth (chicken or veg)

3 carrots, peeled and chopped small

1 onion, chopped (time and tear saver – M&M meats sells frozen diced onion.  A staple in my home!)

1.5 tsp curry powder (I use medium)

1 tsp fresh minced ginger (can use ginger powder in a pinch)

1 can of coconut milk


Simmer carrots, onions, ginger and curry in broth until soft (option – can sautée vegetables in butter or oil first).  Cool slightly








Puree in blender or food processor.  May need to puree in batches.











Return to stock pot and add coconut milk











Season with sea salt and pepper.  Can also add a pinch of sugar if desired.



Salt and Pepper shrimp with Jalapeno Coleslaw

This is one of my favorite clean eating recipes.  It’s filling and prepared in a snap!

1/2 c. light coconut milk
1/4 c. roasted unsalted peanuts (I used habenero chili and lime peanuts)
Zest and juice of 2 limes, divided – (need only the zest and juice of one if you buy cooked shrimp, which I did)
1/2 c. loosely packed whole cilantro leaves
1/2 tsp sea salt, divided
1/2 tsp fresh ground black pepper, divided
1 large jalapeno pepper, seeded and minced
1 small head of cabbage (any type) about 1 lbs, halved lengthwise and sliced into 1/4″ ribbons
1 large red bell pepper, thinly sliced lengthwise
1 large carrot, peeled into ribbons
1 lbs shrimp, peeled & deveined
1 tsp olive oil (only if using raw shrimp)

1 avocado (optional – but recommended)

Prepare vinagrette: In a blender, combine coconut milk, peanuts, zest and juice of 1 lime, cilantro, 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp black pepper. Blend until peanuts and cialntro are finely chopped. Set aside.

Prepare slaw: In a large bowl, toss jalapeno, cabbage, pepper and carrot. Set aside.

(If you’re going to use uncooked shrimp) In a med. bowl, add shrimp and sprinkle with remaining 1/4 tsp salt and 1/4 tsp pepper. Add oil and mix to coat. in a large saute pan on medium high heat, cook shrimp, tossing often, until cooked through. Add 2 tbsp water to pan and scrape any browned bits off the bottom. Once water evaporates almost completely, remove from heat. Add zest and juice of remaining lime to shrimp and toss to coat.

If using cooked shrimp, toss with zest, salt and pepper and lime juice – or, if you’re going to cut up avocado, just toss shrimp with zest, salt and pepper.

Pour vinaigrette over slaw, and dish out in 4 portions. Top each plate with approx 6 shrimp (1/4 lbs), and arrange avocado slices. Drizzle with remaining lime juice.