Raising a kid is part joy and part guerilla warfare

All I ever wanted was to provide my daughter with a stable, loving family.  I often feel as though I’ve failed in that regard until this weekend.  We had our Mother’s Day celebration on Saturday, and even though I woke up feeling sick as a dog, there was no damn way I was missing it.

We started the day with home-made waffles and turkey bacon, then headed down to the forks for more tandem bike fun.

Dogged determination and fear. This sums up everything it means to be a parent. (We went over a curb)

We shot around St. B, Whittier park and The Forks before settling in at The Current for lunch.  While sitting there, laughing about our buggy adventures she stopped and said “we are closer than most moms and daughters I think. I’m glad”, and that erased all doubt.  Regardless of what happens in our lives, I have been able to show that young woman that she is my everything and she knows it.  I wish I could have encapsulated the moment.  I hope she remembers it, I know I’ll never forget it.

Heredity determines our eye colour, but our environment is what lights them up. And hers sparkle. “Now look at me, I’m sparkling. A firework, a dancing flame”.

Her enthusiasm to try new things, her devout loyalty to her friends, her belief that she can make a difference and her stubborn iron will have me in awe.  I don’t always agree with her, but I respect her ability to make well-informed thought out choices.  I see glimpses of who she is going to be, and it leaves me marveling.

When we got home from The Forks I was presented with a life-sized home-made card, funky spider necklace, BEASTIE BOYS CD and this:

Can you dig it?

She knows me.  She saved, she called my mom to take her shopping and she went with a list.  I love that kid.  We rounded out the night with a 10:00 showing of Dark Shadows, and we took her friend (like a second child to me). We got shushed, and surprisingly, not thrown out of the theatre.

Nothing says mortifying mothers day like watching 2 12 year olds giggling awkwardly at a cheesy, thinly veiled blow job innuendo joke.  I ALMOST DIED.

At midnight, we dodged about a million man-eating June bugs in the parking lot, screeching like banshees and the day came to a close.

It was perfect from head to toe.

I am blessed.  With her, I have everything I need and more.



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8 responses to “Raising a kid is part joy and part guerilla warfare

  • Shirley Robert

    Hope Ashleigh says that to me someday. And channels her sassy much like your daughter does.

    • bettiepeg

      Sass. I see great things for Ashleigh.

      • Shirley Robert

        Oh by the boat load with that girl.

        My favourite example of her sassy self is when she was about 3 I was sitting outside while she and Nathaniel were playing in the front yard in the snow. Nathaniel face washed her and was basically being a jerk of a big brother. He goes off does something else and she waits until he turns his back then she crosses the yard in a flash, jumps in his back,grabs the back of his hood and pushes his face into the snow.

        She stands up for herself, she stands up for others (even using herself as a human shield between a child that was being bullied and the kids bullying her and they were all older than her), and even terminated a friendship because the other girl was being mean to others. Not only did she terminate it she told the other girl to her face that she couldn’t be friends with her because she was mean.

        Of all the reasons I left the party she’s one of the biggest. She’s got integrity at 6.5 that many others don’t have at 65 and I’d like her to stay that way.

  • bettiepeg

    I remember you telling me that story, Shirley. Takes guts, and lots of them to do that.

    You should be proud.

  • Vanessa

    I’ve never met your daughter, but from what I see you post on Facebook she seems like a great girl. Kudos to you for being an amazing, hands-on parents and a great role model!

    • bettiepeg

      Thanks, V!

      Doing the best with what I’ve got. She is by nature, a giving kid though. I just try to nurture what’s there.

  • christopher (@twistedxtian)

    That sounds like a pretty awesome Mother’s day, and like you have a pretty awesome daughter. 🙂 Yay for being the great mom that you are!

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