Lange’s Bakery (11/338)

Reason 11/338 of Why I love Winnipeg!


Langes Bakery has been a staple in my upbringing for as long as I can remember.  As young as 3 years old, my Saturday mornings consisted of cartoons, and then a drive with my Dad to Manitoba Sausage (now known as Winnipeg Old Country) for a salami and European wiener fix, a quick jaunt over to Lange’s for the tastiest damn pretzels you’ve ever had, and then the trip culminated with a stop at AAC (Arlington Athletic Club) where my Dad would shoot pool in the back, I would sit at the front counter drinking Grape Crush out of a glass bottle, and wander around the hall pretending to play Pac-Man until one of my dad’s buddies ponied up a few quarters.  Great times.

But the focus of this blog is Lange’s.  Located at 710 Ellice, it is definitely a diamond in the rough.  While their website seems to focus more on cakes and pastries these days, I urge you to make them a weekly, or bi-weekly visit.  The pretzels, freshly made will still be hot out of the oven, and likely won’t even make it home.

Visit them online here or give them a like on Facebook here.

You’ll wonder why it’s taken you this long to discover them.

Yeah.  I love Winnipeg.  We bake the hell out of our Pretzels.


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