365 Days before I sleep (8/338)

Reason 8/338 – Why I love Winnipeg!

Art.  And Artists.  They are absolutely everywhere in this town. Whether their canvas is living or inanimate, there is no shortage of talent ’round these parts.

Looking to take in some local talent?  Michael Joyal’s 365 day project will be on display at The Cre8ery from February 9th-21st.  All pieces are for sale, and I recommend getting their early to stake your claim on a piece to take home.  They’re gorgeous.

Grand Opening is Feb 10th.  Maybe I’ll see you there?



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I’m a vintage loving, suburban living, book collecting, kitchen destroying, thrifting ninja, single mama of a smart, salty, sassy teenager. Unicorn aficionado. Flamingo enthusiast. Love all things sparkly. Connoisseur of foul language. Insufferable do-gooder. Big mouth. Bigger heart. Biggest backside. Begrudging romantic. Will blog and tweet for money. I make things. You can buy those things. Hey man, I’ve got bills. View all posts by MsBehavior

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