Judge temporarily loses mind, and the world spins backwards

In April 2008, Joan Henderson (then 54) guzzled back 6 rum & cokes, did some recreational gambling in the Garden City Smitty’s lounge, and proceeded to slam into Michael Pacheco who was part of a large street-cleaning crew near Kildonan Golf Course and was in the process of picking up some road signs when Henderson’s Dodge Neon slammed into his legs, crushing them between his own vehicle.

Today, her sentence has been passed down.  A delusional Justice Brenda Keyser agrees that what happened that night was tragic and had horrible consequences for all involved, however decided that this is one of those exceptional cases where jail is not warranted.  2 year suspended sentence, no jail.

You see, Joan Henderson was taking what is now being called a controversial medication.   Mirapex, which apparently caused the normally quiet, and soft-spoken coffee drinking, suburban angel to drink “involuntarily”, gamble wildly and act like a group of bachelors at an out of control stag in Vegas.

You see, her blood alcohol level was 0.20

But that doesn’t matter.  Through her slurs and sobs the night of the accident, she was sorry

Let’s not take in to account the agonizing yells of Michael Pacheco, the terror his wife must have felt upon receiving the phone call, or the trauma inflicted upon their young daughter as she wondered if Daddy was going to come home.

Joan is sorry.  This just was so out of character for her.  She didn’t mean to do it.

She relives the horror every night, readers.  Every.night.  So let’s take it easy on this poor, upstanding citizen.  Let’s once again allow and enable our fellow members of society to act erratically, irresponsibly and illegally.  Let’s again put a bandaid on a gaping shot-gun wound in hopes that no one addresses the real problem.

I want to go back and revisit the comment “involuntarily” drink.  Really?  Did those meds  strap your shoes to your feet,  insert the keys into the ignition, march your ass into the lounge, take control of your vocal chords, order not 1, not 2, not 3,4, or 5 but six rum and cokes (remember, Joan is a non-drinker) and then once again slap you back into your car, fire it to life and then plow into a real upstanding citizen who was mowed down while working.

Fuck you, Joan Henderson and give your head a shake Justice Brenda Keyser.  What in the hell were you thinking?

And what are your thoughts?


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One response to “Judge temporarily loses mind, and the world spins backwards

  • Jen

    OMG…you can’t believe how disgusted I am with the bench in this city.

    Apparently, being SORRY is all it takes to get out of any crime in this city.


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