Things I miss, let’s reminisce

Things I miss.

Typewriters. (thanks for the reminder Kyla’s blog!) A foreign language to some, a sense of nostalgia to others.  My first full-time job saw me answering phones, stuffing envelopes, and writing forms up on a typewriter.  Antiquated, yes.  But quaint, too.

Often, I had to call the typewriter repairman, who would show up touting a briefcase, and wearing a tie.  So distinguished.  Formal.  Wonderful.

Now, typewriters have gone the way of the dinosaurs.  People don’t know what carbon paper is, the purpose of white out, or what it means to change a ribbon.  (Is that the same as a cartridge?)  And I’m not that old.  Barely 30.

These days, the guys they send out to fix your office equipment are still in diapers, and sucking on lollipops.  These guys are young enough to have fallen out of my fallopian tubes, and walk like their shit don’t stink.  I love my email, I love the internet, but I miss simplicity.

The Muppets:

From as far back as I can remember, having sleepovers at Grandma’s house meant sleeping on the couch, eating what I wanted, and watching Johnny Carson followed by The Muppets.

In order to maintain some sense of hold on my childhood, in my basement you will find: The best of Johnny Carson, Muppets take Manhattan, Muppets Wizard of Oz, Kermit: The Swamp Years, Muppets in Space to name a few.

Try to not smile while listening to Ma-na-ma-na.  Dare you.

Saturday morning cartoons:

The line up:  Smurfs, Gummibears, Garfield and friends, The Wuzzles, The Get-Along-Gang.

Remember when cartoons didn’t suck, and it was exciting to watch them?  A big DEAL.  You got up early, and camped out in front of your TV, which coincidentally, may not have even had a remote.  Yah, that’s right.  A DIAL.  It was you, your sugared cereal, a huge crazy floor pillow and your toons.

Me, circa late '82, early '83

Now, there’s a the Teletoon network.  Cartoons on demand, whenever, and wherever.  BOO.  But can I get a hell yeah for Teletoon Retro?  Now that’s some good TV.  You don’t appreciate how awesome cartoons really are, when you only get them 1 day a week.  Poor children.  They just don’t know.

Polaroid cameras:

This was better than digital cameras with instant satisfaction.  It was fast, it was printed, and it was MAGIC.

Say cheese (it's me!)

I miss the noise makers you put on your spokes, and the shiny cards that came in the Kelloggs boxes.  I miss free prizes that didn’t suck, and games that required imagination.  I miss popsicle pete points, leg warmers, and caprisun.  I miss the days when Froot Loops only came in 3 colours, and Apple Jacks were readily available in Canada.  I miss footsie pajamas, popples and hugabunch, and basically anything that I had when I was 7.

Time machine, please.


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