Spray N what did you say?

We must instill the knowledge of their place at a young age.

I don’t identify myself as a feminist, and in fact do not believe that the sexes are equal, and that women can do anything men can do.  We can’t.  It’s simple.  (But I’ve yet to see a man have a baby, so we are clearly superior)

But I digress.  I just stumbled upon a commercial that irritated me beyond measure.  I’ll even say it pissed me right the hell off.  Of course, now that I want to share it, I can’t find it to save my life.  But I’ll paint the picture.

It’s for this: Spray N Wash

The commercial features an overly exuberant, annoying man standing at the front of a classroom full of eager-to-please namby pamby neurotic women, who are captivated by his presence, and the lesson he is about to bestow upon them.

We are then shown this: To bleach, or not to bleach , and the women’s faces become horrified.  Apparently, even though all their current clothes sport this symbol, they are all too fucking dumb to understand the concept.

Thankfully, the marketing giants and geniuses over at spray n wash have sent this unsung superhero to our rescue.

He demonstrates that you can pour this new product RIGHT ON to the clothing, as the women gasp, bite their nails and call out to him not to do it.

But what do you know?  Whiter whites, and astonishingly bright colours.  Phew.  That was a close one.

Who in the cool blue hell are they pandering to?  I’m offended, insulted and disgusted that they thought this was the way to speak to their target demographic.

I don’t even DO the laundry, assholes.

As an aside, I was at Wal-mart looking at toothbrushes, and the children’s brushes were labeled boy and girl.  In case I got confused.  Asshats.

Thoughts?  Am I reading too far into it?  It’s stuck in my craw, and it won’t get out.  In the meantime, I’m going to search out the video, but I’d love to hear what you have to say.


Found it!

Not it, the meaty parts aren’t there.  Just quick edited.  The original is a solid 30 seconds of pure, unadulterated horse shit.


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