We’ll take a cup of kindness yet

Or on second thought, stuff the kindness.  A cup of coffee will work miracles.

So it starts.  Another year.  A blank canvas, full of promises and whispers of the masterpiece to come.  I’m not going to make any resolutions this year, I’m just going to attempt to be the best me possible.  It’s all anyone can ask of themselves.

Here I sit, famished at 11:30.  Can’t spoil my appetite, going to the in-laws for brunch.  At 1.  Gotta tell you, that’s moving into lupper territory, and I hope I can hold out until then.  The dog is looking mighty tasty, mighty tasty indeed.

Why can’t we just relax over the holidays?  It seems like it’s a constant battle between families, and their quest to find out which side we really love more.

Example.  Christmas Eve we hang with my extended family.  A few cousins, and a grandmother thrown in for good measure.  But it’s not enough.  Christmas morning sees us getting up and rushed so we can get to my moms for breakfast and gifts.

Well of course, in the name of fairness, we also need to squeeze his side in, so after brunch at mothers, we run off to let the dogs out, and go to chew that fat with his extended family.

But wait.  Not good enough.  Before we meet with the aunts and uncles, we pre-meet with his folks for an hour, and then drive in separate vehicles to the same destination for more festive frolicking.

New Years Day brunch has been a tradition in his family since I’ve been around, with big Grandpa E footing the bill.  This year, that ain’t happening, so we are just going over to have brunch (again 1 o’clock.  DYING HERE) with his immediate family.

Well hells bells.  Can’t let my parents feel left out.  Burgers at their place.  5ish.

Next year, I’m either auctioning my soul off to the highest bidder, or just sending a card and hightailing it to Mexico.

New years eve.  For my entire adult life, they’ve been anti-climactic.  I don’t know what my expectations are, really.  If maybe I feel there should be some cleanse of the soul as the clock strikes 12?  Every year, I set out to make the perfect plans, and every year, they come up short.

Last night was pretty stellar.  Good food, great friends and within walking distance.  No complaints.  We ate African yam and peanut soup, caesar salad, garlic cheese toast, jalapeno popper dip, shrimp, and toblerone fondue.

We drank wine, and beer and amaretto sours, and played wii with a 10-year-old, and sang nursery rhymes with a 2-year-old.  It lacked nothing.

Life.  All about the insignificant moments that stack up into something marvelous.

Cheers to you and yours.  Let’s do coffee, k?

Tell me all about your holidays.


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3 responses to “We’ll take a cup of kindness yet

  • L.L.

    So far today I have ignored calls from both parents and one sister. I was just telling Graham that we had 4.5 days off at Christmas and we busy running from place to place (most of that against our will) the whole time. Today is just another day, but it happens to fall on a Friday, which means I get a long weekend where I’m not doing anymore holiday shit. I am not saying happy anything, merry anything, fuck it all. I’m so done.

    Also – the best thing about January 1 falling on a Friday is that all your resolutions, plans, schemes etc. are automatically moved to Monday. Fuckin eh.

    Cheers my friend!

  • L.L.

    Re: The Jan 9 show at the Pyramid – yes I will be there, Blackout Brigade plays first I think…

  • Vanessa (Last Night's Leftovers)

    I would just love to spend a Christmas in my own home. I’m looking forward to the day that I am settled in a house, as I intend to tell everyone else to stuff it and come to me if they want to visit over the holidays.

    Glad your NYE was fun!

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