Hope Floats

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder”, they say. Unless it doesn’t.

In his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, President Barrack Obama said, “The absence of hope can rot a society from within.”

I like this. And entirely agree. If you look around you, regardless of where you live, you will see an abundance of poverty, crime, hate and desperation.

Children, some as young as 8 years old are initiating into gangs, participating in activities that should be unfathomable, not status quo.

The question that begs to be asked, is why? The absence of hope, of course. I wonder if it’s a genetic trait? The lack of hope passed from one generation to another, breeding more despair, hostility and emptiness.

How do you pump hope into those who need it most? If it were only as easy as refilling a tire that’s low on air, or stuffing a turkey. Here! Take the god damned hope! Be THANKFUL for it. Cram it in to your every pore and just believe!

I honestly think at some point, people make the conscious decision to lose all hope. Whether it’s a defense mechanism, or way to combat the constant disappointment, it’s a choice. And once that choice has been made, there is just no way to stuff it back into them.

Is hope the cure? Of course not. Like anything, there are 2 sides to the coin. While for some, hope can be an uplifting ray, and for others, a lead balloon, weighing them down.

Where some can’t make room for it, others are bogged down with too much. Holding out hope for a lost cause, can be just as painful and damaging as not allowing any in at all. A burden and a blessing. An anchor and a release.

Will hope tie you down, or set you free?


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4 responses to “Hope Floats

  • Michelle

    I could not agree more! People make decisions everyday on how they are going to feel! Wether it’s being hopeful, hopeless, happy, or depressed – its all a choice! Hope in my life and the ability to go on has gotten me through some terrible times!

  • Michelle

    let’s not forget to say – good friends help A LOT too, and thats something that may be missing from the hopeless’ lives!

  • DLK

    i think you should totally start your idea from yesterday. . you are a very gifted writer.

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