The most acceptable STD.


Pretty simple concept.  Don’t fuck; don’t get pregnant.  So excuse me for a moment while I LOSE.MY.SHIT. entirely.

The Winnipeg Free Press published an article today that has me clutching at my guts, trying to staunch the nagging need to puke all over my keyboard.

Did you meet Taryn?  She’s a dime a dozen.  Stroll through Elmwood on any afternoon, or maybe cruise through the core end of town and you’ll see her carbon copies.  Sporting Adidas track pants, pushing high end strollers, smoking store bought cigarettes, sippin’ on Tim Horton’s coffee, rockin’ a poor ass dye job, and wearing far too much eye makeup.   And they travel in packs.

Apparently pregnancy is contagious.

If their work ethic was half as prominent as their contempt for those who have it better from them, they’d all be successful.  Instead, they stand around with their noses up and hands out, crying injustice.

Newsflash princesses.  It’s time to put your big girl panties on and deal with it.  The answer to your problems is simple.  Hard work.  People have been doing it for decades.  No one is going to scoop you up out of the gutter.  You need to fight and claw and kick and scream your way out.  Get up off your back and fucking try.

It’s time you start realizing that the universe does not revolve around you, the world will not stop for you to get on, and the community doesn’t owe you shit.  You are a mother.  There is an innocent who looks up to, adores, and is entirely dependent upon you and every move you make effects them.  Be a god damned heroine.  Not a victim.

The Winnipeg Free Press says, “Nobody chooses to live in poverty… no one wants their children to be hungry.”


Too many of these parents choose to smoke over feeding their babies.  They choose to drink over clothing them.  They choose to cab it to a corner store to buy potato chips, rather than pay their fucking bills.

You don’t think so?  Drive down Alexander at 10PM on a school night.  You’ll find children under 5, wandering the streets alone.  It’s criminal.

The hard reality is these children are not loved.  They were never wanted, and they know it.  Their parents view them as a tax credit, and a means to more income.  Period.

Fuck the Free Press.  This story was spun the wrong way.  The mothers need an education, and the children are already enrolled in the school of hard knocks.

Give them a hand up.  Not a hand out.


Thanks to @lovelylindsey (on twitter) for the idea

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3 responses to “The most acceptable STD.

  • L.L.

    Thanks for da lub… and one point about the kids wandering the streets at night… My Dad made that point that, sadly, most of these kids are safer on the streets of the north end in the middle of the night than in their own homes. Sad indeed.

    • bettiepeg

      Your dad is right.

      I worked in the core of our city for a decade. The horrors I witnessed against these kids are unspeakable. Who is their voice?

  • TLCreativity

    That killed me. Your first line summed it up. The utter injustice is that these kids will be raised with no work ethic, to believe that the world OWES THEM SOMETHING. Too many kids, poor or rich, growing up with that concept.

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