It had to happen eventually

So, I caved.  I’ve been avoiding all the Twilight hype like the plague.  Haven’t read a single page of any one of the books, watched a snippet of a movie, no trailers, not interviews no nothing.  (Interview with a Vampire?  Ha!)

Until today, I was unaware the this “Edward” even had a real name.  I didn’t care.  The name Robert Pattinson meant nothing to me.

Now, my daughter has recently jumped on this bandwagon.  She’s read the first book, has started on the second, has been brow beating me into submission to get the movie.

I’ve mocked and ridiculed these Vampirites.  These fang wearing fan clubbers.  I rolled my eyes at all their facebook quizzes, action figures and conversations about how Edward is truly the one.

So tonight, I entered the world of Edward and Bella.  And promptly fell in love.


I don’t think you understand the ramifications here.  I’m a GROWN WOMAN for chrissakes.  He is 23.  And a fictional character.  A VAMPIRE fictional character.  But I’m pining.

Firstly, his hair.  What in the hell is up with that hot mess?  But I find myself WANTING TO RUN MY HANDS THROUGH IT.  That is craziness at it’s finest.

Shall we discuss his peepers?  They are creepy.  Flat out chill you to the bone psychotic.  BUT THEY MELT ME AND I WANT TO GET LOST IN THEM.


Did I mention he’s 23?  That puts me in predator territory.  And I’m not hatin’ it.  In fact, it’s exhilirating.

I mean, I thought I’d run out of room in my life for imaginary boyfriends, but now I’ve got a vampire jockeying for position with a pirate.

Yea, that’s right.  Captain Jack Sparrow and Edward are fighting to the death for my affection.  And I’m okay with that.  I find it normal.

What isn’t normal, is the tiger beat poster taped to my bedroom mirror.

Smitten kitten.  Oh Edward.


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2 responses to “It had to happen eventually

  • Kyla Roma

    Not to ruin the surprise, but the third book is an extremely gorey & creepy, teenage pregnancy quasi-morality tale about ‘keeping the baby’ even if it literally kills you, and there are sex scenes throughout the 2nd and 3rd books- depending on how old your daughter is you might want to chat with her lol

    I adore the books, but seeing the 9 year olds who love them really creeps me out on some level! But at least if you know what they’re about you guys can talk about them properly. Seriously though, beat her to the 3rd book so you can talk about it. It’s really weird.

  • TobyLauren

    You know me – I’m happily if a bit defensively oblivious to all things Twilight. I saw the books on the shelf when they first came out, and thought, “Hm. Interesting.” That’s about it. And has been ever since.

    Now that you have paralelled one Edward to another (in the post after this), you’ve gotten me interested, damn you.

    Because I LOVE Tim Burton, almost as much (but not nearly) as I love Johnny. You know this, and yet you posted.

    I don’t know what to do. You’ve left me confused and unsure of my place in life.


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