If Weird Al had waited

My Internet use comes and goes in waves.  I fluctuate between being fully immersed in the world wide web, conversing mainly with pixel people, and ignoring it entirely.  Now, I’m not a hermit by any stretch of the imagination, all my face to face friends become pixelated from time to time, but they are real.

My newest fascination is twitter.  While I’ve flooded your screens with 951 tweets to date, I still don’t fully understand the concept.  I just do a lot of typing out loud, and it suits my purpose for now.

Remember weird al?  Of course you do.  If not, here’s a quick refresher:

Boredom has led me to try my hand at parody.  Below, is my take on Beat it, combined with my new Internet love.

myspace, facebook they just won’t suffice
We need to get our point across and be concise
We need to give one hundred forty letter advice
So tweet it, just tweet it

Celebrities, they’re all doing it too
you follow them and hope that they will notice you
hoping someone finally sees your point of view
So tweet it, you just wanna be heard

So tweet it, just tweet it
We all want to be retweeted
showin how clever, and quick you can be
Your followers, of course they agree
So tweet it, tweet it
So tweet it, tweet it
So tweet it, tweet it
So tweet it, tweet it



About MsBehavior

I’m a vintage loving, suburban living, book collecting, kitchen destroying, thrifting ninja, single mama of a smart, salty, sassy teenager. Unicorn aficionado. Flamingo enthusiast. Love all things sparkly. Connoisseur of foul language. Insufferable do-gooder. Big mouth. Bigger heart. Biggest backside. Begrudging romantic. Will blog and tweet for money. I make things. You can buy those things. Hey man, I’ve got bills. View all posts by MsBehavior

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